Spider-Man : Far From Home (version anglaise)

Genre(s): Aventure | 2h15 | Général     Bande annonce

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    • Date de sortie: 5 juillet 2019
    • Genres: Aventure
    • Pays: US
    • Général Général


    Determined to enjoy himself and leave his responsibilities behind, Peter Parker decides to leave his Spider-Man suit behind when he goes on a school trip with his friends and classmates, including MJ (Zendaya), Ned, Betty and Flash. 

    However, when a villain known as Mysterio begins attacking European cities, Peter is approached by Nick Fury and Happy Hogan, who tell him his friends are in trouble and he has a job to do. They provide him with a new suit, which keeps not only him, but Spider-Man anonymous to his friends.


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    Dimanche 7 juillet 2019: 18h35
    Jeudi 11 juillet 2019: 18h35

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