Sausages party

Genre(s): Comédie, Animation | 1h 29min | Général     Bande annonce

    Description du film


    A happy-go-lucky sausage and his supermarket buddies including a hot dog bun, a bagel, a sausage and a taco learn about the horror that awaits them when humans bring them home to chow down. Despite the hostility they get from other supermarket items unwilling to have their faith in a post-checkout afterlife deflated, they embark on an existential adventure to escape from their edible fate.


    Horaire de projection:

    Cinéma Lido

    Les Galeries GP 92, 2ième rue Ouest Rimouski, Québec. G5L 8B3

    Téléphone : 418 722-5436

    Administration : 418 722-0062