Alita : Battle angel (version anglaise)

Genre(s): | 2h02 | Général     Bande annonce

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    • Date de sortie: 15 février 2019
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    • Pays: US
    • Général Général


    In the post-apocalyptic town of Scrapyard City, Dr. Dyson Ido discovers a human core named Alita and rebuilds her into a new body. There she befriends the young Hugo , who dreams of escaping Scrapyard City to live in Zalem, the city above Scrapyard. 

    Together, with Dr. Ido, they discover that Alita is more than she seems, with an extraordinary past as an advanced deadly weapon, which attracts the attention of Chiren , a past associate of Ido, and Vector, who runs the deadly sport Motorball. They pursue Alita for their own agendas. 

    In this pursuit Alita takes a stand to be more than her past and discover her humanity.


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    Dimanche 17 février 2019: 18h40
    Jeudi 21 février 2019: 18h40
    Dimanche 24 février 2019: 18h40
    Jeudi 28 février 2019: 18h40

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