It Chapter two (Version Anglaise)

Genre(s): Horreur | 2h49 | 13 ans et plus     Bande annonce

    Description du film

    • Directeur:
    • Acteurs:
    • Date de sortie: 6 septembre 2019
    • Genres: Horreur
    • Pays: US
    • 13 ans et plus 13 ans et plus


    Almost 30 years after they were terrorized by the shape-shifting predator Pennywise, the members of the Losers' Club are all grown. When they get together, they discuss how they never stopped Pennywise from his evil deeds. They agree they have do something about the oath they once made to stop him if he ever returned.


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    Dimanche 8 septembre 2019: 19h
    Jeudi 12 septembre 2019: 19h

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